Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Update on Louis Vuitton Blason Jewelry!!!...REAL SWEET KILLER!

The Louis Vuitton Blason Jewelry Collection
Blason Collection:
Crown Collection:
Rock on cherub Collection:
Gracious graphic Collection:
Blason Large Ring (yellow gold with diamonds):

Louis Vuitton website has updated recently with Blason Jewelry Collection, with a collboration with Pharrel Williams. They are whole range of jewelries to collect for!!!...from rings, necklace, belt buckles, cufflinks...and more. This collection is to die for!! They are real SWEET!!

I am definately going to call my SA today...hehe.....the sign of losing money is here again.....

What do you guys think about this Jewelry collection? Are you getting any of these?

Visit Louis Vuitton for more!

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