Monday, October 6, 2008

Louis Vuitton Spring and Summer 2009!!!

Yesterday was the show day and there were (many) bagsss on the show! After seeing the show, I must say that it was one of very interesting collection indeed. MJ has done another great creative and combination of chemicals (if you know what I mean^^), which I think it is LVoe. I have tried to group the bags together into "type" and hope this will give you some idea of what we are expecting for the coming Spring and Summer 09! ^^:

Type 1:
Type 2:
Type 3:
Type 4:
Type 5:
Type 6: Type 7:
Type 8:
Wheww, that is alot!..there are no specific name for each bag yet, hence I group them in to "type"^^. I am really into "type 1" collection. It is LVoe! :) What do you guys think? Feeling LVoe or nono?
Some of you may have already seen pics from the runway show already, but if you have not, please do by visiting Louis Vuitton website.
Let's addiction begin!^^


Fatah said...

I think this collection is very whimsical, but also very segmented, i can see alot of japanese/korean wearing them..
But not gonna be a hit with more mature buyers, even with bags.. its all too busy, hopefully they will turn it down a notch for the timely release..
My mum saw the show, she said "so i guess i wont be getting any Vuitton next season afterall".. she's 57...

Louis Vuitton Addicted said...

Hi Fatah^^,
I must agree with you that this collection is "loud" and may not not have "nods" from all the LVoers.

Please send regards to your mom and tell her maybe Fall/Winter 09 would make her in LV again^^

Thanks for your visit and come often! :)

SweetC said...

There are so many bags!! I guess they will need to cut some out, but would be hard to pick. thanks for sharing.