Monday, October 20, 2008

~LVoe at First Sight With Nokia 8800~

Hi LVoers^^, Just want to update with you guys that after the long wait, Nokia 8800 has finally reached me!!! (after it was held at the custom for one week T_T) I am so excited and cannot wait to explore this luxury stylish phone ^^
To be honest, once I opened the box, it was LVoe at first sight!
Size: It is just right! Not too small, not too bulky.
Weight: It is heavier than I expected but not bad (considering that it is made from titanium and stainless steel).
Look: The design is simple but real elegant. It surely looks much better than the previous 8800. Well, I am really excited but now patiently waiting it to be charged. Will update to u guys more!
For now, if you are interested in this Nokia 8800, visit for more!

Thank you so much with big LVoe to Womworld Team and Nokia for inviting me to be among the first to experience Nokia 8800!


bluegals said...

Glad that you finally have it! It looks really cool. Any idea how much it is going to retail for? thanks

Bengt said...

I love that phone! Looks really sleek. Is it easy to type on? The keypad looks rather small..

Congrats on trying it out! I wish I could get my hands on one of those.. :D

Louis Vuitton Addicted said...

Hi bluegals and bengt!
Thank you for dropping by^^

bluegals, I actually don't know how much is it going to be. According to bagaholicboy, it is gonna be SGD2080 (approx AUD2000).

Bengt, Me LVoe the phone too :) The keypad is small so could be hard for ppl who got big fingers but I guess once u got used to it, that would be no problem.;)

Thanks again with LVoe

lit_me said...

It looks really solid to me but I sorta like it. Will wait for the update :D

Imelda Matt said...

You don't feel funny about being used as part of Nokia's word of mouth campaign ?

Louis Vuitton Addicted said...

Hi Imelda,

Thanks for dropping by:)

In my opinion, I don't feel funny and never think that I am being used :) I simply think that it is a great thing to try out something new and (if I wanted) give/share a review to my blog readers what I feel about the phone. This helps people to have some ideas about pros and cons of the phone before they buy it.

But yeah, Nokia may think like what you think again for dropping by! Come often ^^