Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nokia 8800 - Time For A Review

After using the Nokia 8800 for a week, it is time for me to write a little review about my experience with Nokia 8800. ^^

What I think is good:

Firstly, I must admit that I am attracted to its simple and elegant design. It is luxury and indeed could be one of the new fashion phone icon.

The functions of the phone are user friendly (as like most of other Nokia phones do). The one touch menu button was easy to use and the menu is also easy to navigate. I also note that there will be an “explanation texts” pop up every time when you stay on the functional icons for around 15secs. This is very handy as it explains what the programmes/functions that I am going to select do.

The phone also comes with 4GB internal memory, which means there are enough spaces to store musics and pics. Moreover, the sound quality from the speaker is really clear and surrounded.

What I think is bad:
Although the phone was great in design as well as easy to use, there are few down sides. The main downside is the price tag that is set at AUD 2000 without contract. It is just too expensive for what it can offer. To be honest, you can get some other mobile phone with similar features at a lower price.

The camera is another downside, although it is a 3.2 megapixel camera and has a good zoom function but the quality of taken pics are not as good as it should be. The pics seem to be redish and not true colour (if you know what I mean^^)

When I played the video clip, I also have noticed that the phone could not keep up with its speed but this is only happened when I tried to do something else while the video was playing.

Another downside that is very minor but I would love to add is that the material is very prone to fingerprints! I personally do not like as it hides the elegant look of the phone.

Well, what can I say is that the phone is definitely great in design and would definitely be a great elegant piece to add to your hi-tech luxury life^^. But for people (including me) who are seeking to have lots of features and a good camera, this may not be the one.

Have a good night everyone.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fancy with Ralph Lauren x Lebron James Basketball

Ralph Lauren and Lebron James has collaborated to make limited-edition Purple Label basketball! What is more? It is personally autographed by NBA star LeBron James at the Ralph Lauren showroom.

Price: 1,000
100% of net proceeds will benefit the LeBron James Family Foundation which seeks to inspire children to be physically fit, academically focused and environmentally aware, and to empower single-parent families to succeed.
I wish I could have spare money and have chance to get one of this! LVoe it^^
Images: Ralph Lauren

Monogram Exotics!

The Monogram Mirage collection was actually from Fall/Winter 2007 Collection. Louis Vuitton has now "re-created" this in to exotic versions.

Both Griet and Delft come in soft material and trimmed with 4 layers of exotic skins, including alligator, 2 versions of watersnake and ostrich.

What is the price? Well, the word "exotics" with all the materials they use have set a price of Griet at approx AUD13,900 and approx Delft at AUD12,920.

For more details, visit Louis Vuitton

More from China Run Collection- China Run Tie

I didn't know there is a China Run tie! Here it is:
To see previous posts about China Run Collection, Click--->

Images: Louis Vuitton

Monday, October 20, 2008

~LVoe at First Sight With Nokia 8800~

Hi LVoers^^, Just want to update with you guys that after the long wait, Nokia 8800 has finally reached me!!! (after it was held at the custom for one week T_T) I am so excited and cannot wait to explore this luxury stylish phone ^^
To be honest, once I opened the box, it was LVoe at first sight!
Size: It is just right! Not too small, not too bulky.
Weight: It is heavier than I expected but not bad (considering that it is made from titanium and stainless steel).
Look: The design is simple but real elegant. It surely looks much better than the previous 8800. Well, I am really excited but now patiently waiting it to be charged. Will update to u guys more!
For now, if you are interested in this Nokia 8800, visit for more!

Thank you so much with big LVoe to Womworld Team and Nokia for inviting me to be among the first to experience Nokia 8800!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Louis Vuitton Tokyo City Guide- A Poster Edition?!?

According to Tyler Brulé’s Monocle magazine, Monocle and Louis Vuitton has created a poster edition of the Tokyo City guide to celebrate the official launch of Louis Vuitton Tokyo City guide.
Not only does it give you the latest hotspot hotels and restaurants, you also get a piece of artwork by Leiji Matsumoto. LVoe it!
Images: Monocle

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Update!: Sofia Coppola X Louis Vuitton

According to the IHT, Sofia Coppola collaboration work with Louis Vuitton is about to launch at the end of December in Japan before they go on sale next spring! The question is what bags are we expecting from her? The bag that we should be expecting from her collaboration work would be one from the pic but in Monogram Canvas and it is called "SC" bag with a price tag of €1,600 (approx. AUD 3100). Another piece is the evening clutch with its pochette containing a mirror, price: €800 (approx. AUD 1550).

I am really excited to see these pieces! LVoe Sofia LVoe LV!^^

Imaegs: IHT

Speedy and Speedies at Louis Vuitton Store!

Louis Vuitton Store at Matsuya Ginza, Japan has now put up a new shop display with speedies including limited edition like Graffiti from 2001 collection and the recent Monogramouflage speedy. LVoe it!^^
Images: 8tokyo

Update a pic from S/S 09!! + where is Nokia 8800?!?

Hi guys!, it's been awhile since my last post. I am very busy with my work at the moment and I am sorry for not updating my blog T_T. This is also gonna be a quick one as well. I just found a photo of the bag from the collection and LVoe to share with you guys.

I Lvoe the combination of materials used on the bag and combination of beads. ^^

To see my previous post/pics of the bags from S/S 09 Collection, click--> ^^

Oh and just to update with you LVoers about Nokia 8800^^, I still did not get it yet!! I have tracked the item on DHL website and it is actually arrived Australia on Sunday 12th October but is still under custom. While I am waiting for the phone to arrive, click-->WOW with Womworld and Nokia 8800! to read how I got this phone for two weeks trial!^^

LVoe all and Good day!

Images: Big thanks to mvc_sassy of TPF

Friday, October 10, 2008

Accessories from Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2009

Here are the jewelries/accessories from Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2009!:
There are alot of beads used for this collection and I must admit that I am no LVoe with them. BUT look at those bracelets/bangles, they are sweet LVoe!

Visit Karenkooper for more!

To see my previous post/pics of the bags from S/S 09 Collection, click--> ^^

Images: Karenkooper

Thursday, October 9, 2008

WOW with Womworld and Nokia 8800!

I got an email yesterday from Donna of Womworld ( a blog sponsored by Nokia) who is kindly offers me to be one of the people to try out a Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte, a new couture like handset Nokia which are soon to release!
To be honest, I thought the email was a spam but after looking through Womworld and seeing couple of blogs that I LVoe (including Bagaholicboy and Mymanybags), I decided to reply back :) The phone will be sent via DHL Express and returned after a 2 weeks trial period. Now I just couldn't wait to explore this luxury-stlyish Nokia 8800!! Very exciting indeed!^^

More info to come so stay tune!

To explore Nokia 8800, visit

Thanks and LVoe to Dons, the Womworld team and Nokia!

Images: Nokia and mobilegazette

Update- Murakami in Frankfurt!

Few days ago, I have posted about Murakami exhibition is now in Frankfurt (Click here to read my previous post). The exhibition will run from 27th September 2008 to 4th january 2009. I was able to manage to get more images from the exhibition! So, here they are^^:If you have chance to be in Frankfurt, Go to MMK Museum to explore the Murakami!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Update: Sean Connery for Core Values Ad Campaign

I have recently posted about Sean Connery becoming the next face of Louis Vuitton for the "Core Values" Ad Campaign a while ago. Here is the preview:
The Campaign's tagline: “There are journeys that turn into legends.”

The full campaign will be unveiled sometimes within October. Stay tuned!^^
Images: WWD

LVoe That Heels!

Marc Jacobs was wearing a high heel on the Louis Vuitton Spring and Summer 2009 Show day. He is rocking with it very well! LVoe it! ^^

To see my previous post/pics of the bags from S/S 09 Collection, click-->Louis Vuitton Spring and Summer 2009!!!

Images: Getty Images

Marc Jacobs Loves Everyone!!

Yep, we all know Marc Jacobs LVoes everyone^^ and this is a t-shirt that I WANT! A new Marc By Marc Jacobs Store will be opening soon in Paris and there will be an exclusive t-shirt for this occasion- "Marc Jacobs Loves Everyone" Price: $18

Too bad that it is going to be only available in Paris :( Any LVoe from Paris that would have chance to get this t-shirt for me? LOL....I would LVoe you heapsss!

LVoe your Marc!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Louis Vuitton Damier Brooklyn is Launched!!!

The new Louis Vuitton messenger bags, Brooklyn have launched in Damier. They come in 3 sizes (PM, MM, GM).

For details, visit Louis Vuitton (Japanese website)

Images: Louis Vuitton