Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fancy with Ralph Lauren x Lebron James Basketball

Ralph Lauren and Lebron James has collaborated to make limited-edition Purple Label basketball! What is more? It is personally autographed by NBA star LeBron James at the Ralph Lauren showroom.

Price: 1,000
100% of net proceeds will benefit the LeBron James Family Foundation which seeks to inspire children to be physically fit, academically focused and environmentally aware, and to empower single-parent families to succeed.
I wish I could have spare money and have chance to get one of this! LVoe it^^
Images: Ralph Lauren


tony said...

Where are you?? I'm missing your blogging:-(

Louis Vuitton Addicted said...

Hi Tony^^

LOL....I am now back. I was very busy..I will be back blogging soon keep coming back :)
Thanks for your message^^