Thursday, October 9, 2008

WOW with Womworld and Nokia 8800!

I got an email yesterday from Donna of Womworld ( a blog sponsored by Nokia) who is kindly offers me to be one of the people to try out a Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte, a new couture like handset Nokia which are soon to release!
To be honest, I thought the email was a spam but after looking through Womworld and seeing couple of blogs that I LVoe (including Bagaholicboy and Mymanybags), I decided to reply back :) The phone will be sent via DHL Express and returned after a 2 weeks trial period. Now I just couldn't wait to explore this luxury-stlyish Nokia 8800!! Very exciting indeed!^^

More info to come so stay tune!

To explore Nokia 8800, visit

Thanks and LVoe to Dons, the Womworld team and Nokia!

Images: Nokia and mobilegazette


Kevin said...

congrats!:-) We can all share our experiences for the phone:-) So fun!

Louis Vuitton Addicted said...

Thanks Kevin! After seeing you and bagholicboy, I am even more excited to get it. It should reach here on Monday :D

BlueGals said...

you r so lucky. I want one too :-)

Thebigbang99 said...

the phone looks great! love the ad clip. its really stylish!

JanePlanet said...

I can't wait to see. It looks really cool. I wonder how much would it retail for!