Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What I Saw Today?

While I was doing my routine^^, I came across What I Saw Today blog. His blog is mainly about his love of illustration to record what he sees around him on the streets of New York. It sort of reminded me of Satorialist. I personally think Satorialist is better though but anyway it is quite interesting and you guys should check it out! ^^

The New Capsule Collection By Lanvin For Acne

Ok guys, these pics are not from Louis Vuitton Runway but they are from the look book of the new capsule collection by Lanvin for Acne ( as you may have heard about it few months ago) ^^. I just thought it would be interesting to share with you guys:

Monday, September 29, 2008

Louis Vuitton at The Coral Casino’s Grand Reopening!

On Thursday 25th September 2008, there was a grand reopening of the Coral Casino in Santa Barbara, California! It was definately a night to remember for all the guests who attended on the night. Well, not only the luxury and stylish look of Coral Casino that lighted up the event but also the event featured Louis Vuitton's latest Cruise Collection fashion show.

Here is the pics during the event!:

Bags that feautred during the show:

Louis Vuitton Monogram Scuba MM bag in yellow and Vernis Alma MM in green (new colour!!! LVoe it ^^):

Louis Vuitton Monogram Scuba GM in yellow and orange:

Louis Vuitton Mahina XL Surya Vernis (patent leather) and Galliera Raffia:

There were some pieces from Damier Azur line for viewing during the event:

Source and images: Independent and Wireimage

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Colour Pastilles Key Ring and Chains Key Ring!

Louis Vuitton has launched a new colour, Palladium, for both Pastilles Key Ring and Chains Key Ring.

Pastilles Chains Key Ring:
This key chain and bag charm has enamel charms with the LV logo and Monogram flower motifs. It also features an LV padlock and heart.
Product ID: M65719
Pastilles Key Ring: This key ring and bag charmhas enamel charms with the LV logo and Monogram flower motifs. It also features an LV padlock and key.
Prodcut ID: M65720
Images: Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs x Kaws - 10th Anniversary Mouse Flats

Marc Jacobs and Kaws has done a collaboration work to celebrate 10th Anniversary Mouse Flats. And here is what they came up, the sleek patent leather Mouse Flats. What makes it is more special is that they are limited to 200 pairs worldwide!

Where?: Colette (Paris), Original Fake (Tokyo) and Marc Jacobs flagship stores (US and London) will be the only stores that will carry these.

When?: Monday, September 29th.

Ladies, if you want one, you need to be quick. The design is so LVoe!

Source and images: Freshnessmag

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Damier Graphite- Renzo and Jorn are Launched!

Louis Vuitton is now officially launched Damier Graphite Renzo and Jorn after the long wait!

Renzo, a city bag that has similar shape as other Louis Vuitton messenger bags i.e. Monogram Abbesses and Damier Bastille. However, it should be noted that Renzo is narrower than the other two, but still give you enough room to put files and it surely suits everyday use.

Size: 3.5" x 13.4" x 14.5".Jorn, one of the eye candy bag that is nearly identical (in term of its size and its look) to the "limited edition Damier Graphite Porte-document (briefcase) bag".However, Jorn comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and the bag is slightly shorter than the limited edition's. As it comes with a strap, this could give it more pratical to use.

Size: 4.7" x 11.4" x 16.9"

Gents, if you are interested in these elegance and classic looking bags, act quick as these bags are the "wanted" items. ^^

To find out more about Damier Graphite from my previous posts, .

Images: Louis Vuitton

Update- Louis Vuitton Cruise 2009 Collection

Bagaholicboy has shared the images of the bags and accessories for the upcoming Louis Vuitton Cruise 2009 Collection. To view more images, visit his blog at .

To read the previous posts about the Cruise 2009 Collection,
Big Thanks to Bagaholicboy

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Boîtier Pendant~

I have recieved emails from my LVoe readers asking me to do some modelling pic and wondering about the length of the necklace. The length of the necklace is approx 20". I also took some pics yesterday and hope this will help you, LVoe readers to have some idea about the length of the necklace. ^^

To view more pics of the necklace and the tie, Click here.
Good night everyone!

Sean Connery- The Next Face of Louis Vuitton?

WWD reports that Sean Connery may be tapped as the next face for Vuitton campaigns. "Louis Vuitton, which has featured Mikhail Gorbachev, Keith Richards and Francis Ford Coppola in its “core values” advertising campaign, has landed another surprising agent for its message. Rumor has it Sean Connery, the original James Bond, has posed for Annie Leibovitz’s camera, just in time for the “Quantum of Solace” frenzy."

Images: WWD

Yes...It Is That Time Of The Year!

I am so looking forward for the coming runway show, which is scheduled at 2:30pm local time. More info after the jump! ^^

Thursday, September 25, 2008

LVoe to LVaddicted- LVoe for ICare

My inbox has a new email from one of the true Louis Vuitton collector, Chris from the United States! Here is what he wrote:
Message from Chris:

I am a Louis Vuitton collector from the United States. I am interested in the Icare since it'd house my MacBook Pro (I have the Keepall 50 w/ strap, a waller, the checkbook holder and Bosphore GM Messenger in Monogram) as I travel a lot as a performer, and am wondering about the correct pronounciation?

Keep up the great work!

Message from Louis Vuitton Addicted:

Hi Chris,
Thank you very much for your email. It is very nice to know my readers are from around the world^^

Icare is definately a great choice to store your MacBook Pro! The bag is roomy (has 2 big compartments inside with another zippered pocket outside) which is surely enough for laptops and files. It really suits for people who travel alot^^ You will definately love it. Regarding the correct pronounciation, it is I-care. I know it sounds funny and more simple than we thought. If you are worried that the SA at the botique has no idea of what we are talking about, you can give them the product ID. The Monogram Icare is M23252 and Damier Icare is N23252.

I hope you will continue enjoying my blog and we love to see your collection and your new Icare ;)

Have a great day!
Louis Vuitton Addicted

To all of my LVoe readers, suggestions and enquiries are very welcomed. I hope I could hear more from you guys. Feel free to write me at: LouisVuittonAddicted@gmail.com.
Hope to add your suggestions or any questions to my new section, "" again soon^^ ....hope you like the name ...lol....With LVoe!
If you are interested in Icare, Click here fore more information.
Images: Louis Vuitton

Update- Louis Vuitton China Run

Louis Vuitton has now put up few more pieces, i.e. Keyholder XL and Keepall 55, from their China Run collection on their site.
Size: 3.1" x 4.9"
Product ID: M66554
Price: USD225
Keepall 55:
Size: 9.4" x 12.2" x 21.6"
Product ID: M41430
Price: USD 1490

To see my previous post about china run, Click here and for more details about these bags, visit Louis Vuitton website. ^^

Images: Louis Vuitton

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ladies and Gents- Let Me Introduce My New Items! ^ ^

The topic is pretty self-explanatory..lol....I am very very happy today when I found a postman came to my house today with a parcel from Louis Vuitton! Well, I expected that there will be something arriving soon but not this fast (but I don;t mind at all!) and not two items!^^ Some of you may have already known and can guess what they are as I did post something about them before...lol. If you don't have a clue what I am talking about, Click here to see my previous post about this.^^

Well, let cut the long #$%#@ talk and let me present you my new babies! ;)

Two boxes:
Let's start with the small one:
Let me introduce you my new Boîtier pendant:
At the back of the pendant:
The long box is quite obvious ^^, let me introduce the Plan tie:The Boîtier necklace and Plan tie:
My newbies VS the pic from Men's Fall/Winter 08-09 ctalogue:

I am in LVoe with them!

Thank you to my special person who makes this happen. LVoe you as always! :)

LVoe to LVaddicted- Louis Vuitton Odeon

I got an email from Vicky, who is from Germany, asking me about Louis Vuitton Odeon, which I have posted previously^^ Many people may want to know when is it coming and what is the price like me and Vicky. If you are interested, Here is the post you would LVoe to read! ^^

I just heard about the new LV Odeon :-) and wondered if you have more information on it? Do all models have handles (German LV told me so)? Is the shoulder strap long? When will it be in the shops and for how much??
Thank you!!
Vicky from germany

Hi Vicky,
Thank you for your email. It is nice to hear from you! Regarding to your question about Odeon, they are expected to be released in October 2008(estimated to be at the begining of October).
They are surely a nice and LVoely bag and here is the tentative price:
GM: USD1100
MM: USD885
PM: USD725
Apparently, GM will be the only size that comes with handles. I hope this gives you some info about Odeon. Are you planing to get one? I would love to hear from you and it would be great if you can share us a pic of your Odeon when you purchased it :)

Thank you and have a great day!
Louis Vuitton Addicted

Odeon is surely another piece from Monogram Canvas line that would make a "Hit". The bag surely suits everyday use! If you are interested, call your local store to confirm your local's release date.

Images: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton China Run is finally released!

Louis Vuitton has fianlly launched "limited edition" Louis Vuitton China Run after several months delay. The bags that available on the website for viewing now are Naviglio and Pavel.


To see more details about these bags, visit Louis Vuitton website. ^^

Images: Louis Vuitton

LVoe to LVaddicted- LVoe from Netherlands

Guys, look what I found in my inbox today!!^^ Rogier, from Netherlands has dropped me and email with a pic of his Icare!

Message from Rogier:
I´m reading your blog for a while now, and it was very interesting that you posted an item about the Icare.Cause for me, the Icare is like old news, I live in The Netherlands (Holland) by the way. I bought the Icare about 6 weeks ago, and now I'm sending you a picture from the Icare in real life! May be you want to see it!
Kind regards,

Thank you much Rogier for sharing the email and the pic! Visit often!

It is very interesting to know that Netherlands has Icare available for quite sometimes. We, in Australia, tends to get things later than other countries (which I do not also why?!?)

To all of my LVoe readers, suggestions and enquiries are very welcomed. I hope I could hear more from you guys. Feel free to write me at: LouisVuittonAddicted@gmail.com.

Hope to add your suggestions or any questions to my new section, "" again soon^^ ....hope you like the name ...lol....With LVoe!

LVoe to LVaddicted- LVoe from Tony

I just got a message from Tony, who is a big fan of my blog and have the same taste as me! ^^. Here is what he wrote:

Message from Tony:

Hi there,You and I have the exact same taste. I am having the same dilemma as you and want those two exact items. My problem, besides trying to figure out whether to save money for bags is that I don't know how often I would wear either item. I mean, obviously I would love to wear them both all the time but its one of those things where, I know that I will hardly wear either so maybe I should just save my money and buy a siwa briefcase or something. Let me know what you get and I am a big fan of your blog.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I am glad that you are a big fan of my blog ^^ I hope you and all of my LVoely readers will continue to enjoy this blog. Let's get addicted!..lol

Tony, I totally agree with you that it is not worth to buy something that is nice but after purchased, it will end up in the drawer. For me, I wear tie to my work and i LVoe wearing necklace. So I can see myself wearing them alot ;) (yepp..I have alot of excuses ^^)

I would definately support you to purchase Siwa briefcase. It is something that you LVoe and you can use them often. I have seen this during my last trip to the botique and I Lvoe it! I decided not to get it though coz my attention was to Damier Graphite. :P We will look forward to see your Siwa pics once you purchased^^

About what I am getting, I will reveal those soon..hehe..

Thank you Tony! Visit my blog often.

To all of my LVoe readers, suggestions and enquiries are very welcomed. I hope I could hear more from you guys. Feel free to write me at: LouisVuittonAddicted@gmail.com.

Hope to add your suggestions or any questions to my new section, "" again soon^^ ....hope you like the name ...lol....With LVoe!

Images: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton -The Top 20 of The 2008 Best Global Brands

I have just read an article about the "2008 Best Global Brands" which is done by Interbrand Sampson and Louis Vuitton is in the top 20 with 6% changes in the brand value. They are doing really good and according to the article, Louis Vuitton has aggressive expansion plans abroad.

To read the whole article and see the entire rank, Click here
Source: Interbrand

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The New Innovation- Louis Vuitton Monogram Etoile

Louis Vuitton has now launched the new inventive Monogram Canvas, the Matelassé Monogram Etoile, which is a quilted Monogram Canvas (triple Monogram canvas) . This new Matelassé Monogram Etoile comes in two different styles of bags, Bowling Monogram Etoile and Shopper Monogram Etoile.

Shopper Monogram Etoile:
This Shopper bag offers three inside compartments including a central zipped one with twist lock closure with Louis Vuitton signature. It is designed to be carried on shoulder with its flat shoulder handles. It is indeed a very sophisticated and luxurious design.
Size: 16.1" x 5.9" x 10.6"
Product ID: M41433
Price: USD 3500

Bowling Monogram Etoile:
This Bowling bag offers one inside compartment with one inside patch and phone pocket and one zipped pocket. The closure is twist-locked type. It is designed to be hand-held or carried on shoulder with its adjustable straps.
Size: 12.6" x 7.1" x 7.9"
Product ID: M41434
Price: USD 2950

They surely are pricey but the luxurious quilted Monogram and designs may worth for us to think about! Or no no? If you are interested, call your local botique to ask for more details.

Images: Louis Vuitton

Introducing the New Louis Vuitton Bag- Icare

Louis Vuitton Icare has launched in Europe for quite sometimes and now it is time for Australia! Icare is now launched Australiawide but stock is still very limited. The official Louis Vuitton has now shown up pics and detials of Icare under the luggage visit Louis Vuitton for more detials.

Icare comes in Monogram Canvas and Damier Canvas. Name inspired by Icare, the character in Greek mythology known for his will to get close to the sun by using wings made of wax and feathers. The bag has many rooms with large front pocket with double zipper closure. The rolled handles come with link attachment and leather ID tag dangles from handle.

Size: 15.4"x 11.3"x 5.9"

Price: AUD 1980

Source and Images: Louis Vuitton and eluxury