Wednesday, September 10, 2008

LVoe to LVaddicted- Spain LVoe!

Louis Vuitton Store at Valencia, Spain

It is another happy day to see my inbox with new e-mail especially it is from Spain! Francisco has dropped me a very LVoely message and I would like to share with you guys!

Here is what Francisco wrote:

I am really surprised by your blog and your lv addicted to the theme of baul ..... Please, continue to do so.
In Spain Vuitton contacts I have recommended your blog.
It makes the brand remains special. That is not as mere commodities of plastic canvas but as tradition and fashion.

Un saludo,
Francisco Lozano Moreno

Francisco has actually emailed me before I open "" section. He is a really nice guy with ”addiction” to Louis Vuitton like us.

Gracias mucho, Francisco. Tenga un gran día J

To my LVoely readers, you may have noticed that I have made up a new section, "". It is for my LVoely readers to leave me comments or suggestions. And if you have any question, please feel free to drop me an email. I will try my very best to help.

And if you would like to share your photos of your LVoe collections or Your LVoe in action, please share with us!

I would LVoe to hear from you guys!
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