Wednesday, September 24, 2008

LVoe to LVaddicted- Louis Vuitton Odeon

I got an email from Vicky, who is from Germany, asking me about Louis Vuitton Odeon, which I have posted previously^^ Many people may want to know when is it coming and what is the price like me and Vicky. If you are interested, Here is the post you would LVoe to read! ^^

I just heard about the new LV Odeon :-) and wondered if you have more information on it? Do all models have handles (German LV told me so)? Is the shoulder strap long? When will it be in the shops and for how much??
Thank you!!
Vicky from germany

Hi Vicky,
Thank you for your email. It is nice to hear from you! Regarding to your question about Odeon, they are expected to be released in October 2008(estimated to be at the begining of October).
They are surely a nice and LVoely bag and here is the tentative price:
GM: USD1100
MM: USD885
PM: USD725
Apparently, GM will be the only size that comes with handles. I hope this gives you some info about Odeon. Are you planing to get one? I would love to hear from you and it would be great if you can share us a pic of your Odeon when you purchased it :)

Thank you and have a great day!
Louis Vuitton Addicted

Odeon is surely another piece from Monogram Canvas line that would make a "Hit". The bag surely suits everyday use! If you are interested, call your local store to confirm your local's release date.

Images: Louis Vuitton


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice email :-). My German LV store told me it should be released by end of October , the GM will be around 750€, something around $1000 I assume. I will call them tomorrow to see if there is an exact release date. They told me the bag is supposed to be a follow up of the musette with the ladies´need for a zip- bag without flap and LONG strap to carry crossover- I am so much looking forward to seeing it :-). Thanks again for your kind answer,
Vicky from Germany

Louis Vuitton Addicted said...

Hi Vicky!^^,

Thank you for dropping by and the info that you provided. It is very LVoely of you :)

I am also very excited for you, Vicky. Keep me posted! ^^

Visit often and have a great week!

beautydiary said...

The Odeon GM seems to have everything I want in a cross-body bag! Zip-top closure ,exterior bag,2 way bag with top handles.

Hope the size is also just right for me...

It would be better if they come in Damier Canvas!

Does anyone have any idea the sizes of all three?