Tuesday, September 9, 2008

LVoe to LVaddicted- Vintage LV Streamer Trunk

I was very happy to find my inbox with a letter from my LVaddicted reader, Lisa. She wrote me to enquire about her vintage LV steamer trunk! It was very interesting and LVoely to hear from my readers^^.

wondering if you could give me some recommendations. I have a vintage LV steamer trunk circa late 1800's, it is in fair condition. I would like to find out more info on it and how much it is worth. Can you direct me?

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for your email. You are very lucky to own one of the oldest Louis Vuitton trunks. From your description, the trunk was made in theearly times, few years after Louis Vuitton established his first trunkshop. The value of the trunk really depends on many things, namely:when it was made, its condition (exterior, interior and hardware),pattern of the trunk (e.g. Striped, Monogram fabric) and the design ofthe trunk.

To be honest, I am not really a trunk expert as much as other may do,but up to my knowledge and the information that you gave me, I wouldhave to say that the trunk could have a value of anywhere between$10000 to $30,000+. I hope this offers some help to you, Lisa.

With LVoe. Thanks for writing me! Come and visit my blog often! ^^


I have been in LVoe with LV trunks and wanted to own one for few years now. I just hope I could get hold one of the Louis Vuitton history trunk in the near future! ^^

To all of my LVoe readers, suggestions and enquiries are very welcomed. I hope I could hear more from you guys. Feel free to write me at: LouisVuittonAddicted@gmail.com.

Hope to add your suggestions or any questions to my new section, "" again soon^^ ....hope you like the name ...lol....With LVoe!

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