Friday, September 12, 2008

LVoe to LVaddicted- When Spain LVoe to Paris ^^

Francisco who is from Spain has recently drop me LVoely messages few days ago (Click here to read!). What can I ask more? ^^ Today he gave me a surprise with emails with many Louis Vuitton’s display photos he took at the Louis Vuitton, Maison Champs Elysées from his previous trip to Paris, France last June. The photos are amazing and are definitely eye-catching!

Francisco always travels to Paris few times a year! Yes, he is a really lucky guy! His next trip will be in this coming November and he has promised to take many photos for us at Louis Vuitton Addicted! I feel very happy and it is very generous of him to share us his LVoe trips! ^^. We wish him to have the best time on his coming trip! ^^

Thank you so much, Francisco! I really enjoy the photos and I am sure Louis Vuitton Addicted's LVoely readers will enjoy as well^^ Here are the photos:

Louis Vuitton:
Gracias mucho, Francisco.
To my LVoely readers, you may have noticed that I have made up a new section, "". It is for my LVoely readers to leave me comments or suggestions. And if you have any question, please feel free to drop me an email. I will try my very best to help.

And if you would like to share your photos of your LVoe collections or Your LVoe in action, please share with us!

I would LVoe to hear from you guys!


Anonymous said...

I am totally love your blog. You are making me addicted to LV.

BTW, I love all the photos!!!

Thebigbang99 said...

Hi Louis Vuitton Addicted,

Thanks for sharing the photos. I love your blog so much 0_0


Louis Vuitton Addicted said...

Hi anonymous and thebigbang99, Thank you for your comments! Please come often and have a great weekened.
Louis Vuitton Addicted :)