Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hot Items^ ^ from Men's Fall/Winter 08-09 Collection

While looking through the Men's Fall/Winter 08-09 catalogue, the hot items from the collection that are on my mind right now would have to be the Plan tie, Boîtier pendants in metal and camera necklace. But whish one to get?

The Plan tie: The design is very stylish and unique. The tie is made from silk and cashmere. Price: AUD 310.

Boîtier pendants: These mechanics –looking metal pendants consist of five pieces of metal producing “Louis” word. Boîtier pendants come into two different shapes, round and rectangle. With round pendant, it will come with a stainless/metal necklace while the rectangular shaped pendant will come with Damier Graphite Canvas cord. Price: AUD 575.

Camera necklace: This is an interesting piece, it features 3 pendants which include little key with “Louis Vuitton” word embossed on the side, the ring and the Monogram with shiny multi-coloured crystal beads. It comes with double necklaces (metal and leather/canvas) which double the special about this necklace. It is surely a very interesting and luxury piece, with the luxury price at AUD 720.
I am in LVoe with all of the three items, but if I have to choose I would go for the first two items (simply because of the price of the Camera necklace that stop me wanting And out of chosen two, I cannot make up my mind! It is hard and I hate this feeling. ^ ^
What do you guys think? Feeling LVoe or No no?
Images: Louis Vuitton (from Men's Fall/Winter 08-09 ctalogue)


Anonymous said...

So which one are you getting from this collection? For an LV addict you must have a ton of LV's! hehehe I would definitely LVoe to see your collection.


Louis Vuitton Addicted said...

Hi LR, Thanks for the comments.

I actually got few items from the collection since the line launced.

About my collection, I rarely reveal them on the blog but it is definately a good idea to think

So, stay in tune for the reveal :)

Thanks again and visit often!
Louis Vuitton Addicted

tony said...

Hi there,

You and I have the exact same taste. I am having the same dilemma as you and want those two exact items. My problem, besides trying to figure out whether to save money for bags is that I don't know how often I would wear either item. I mean, obviously I would love to wear them both all the time but its one of those things where, I know that I will hardly wear either so maybe I should just save my money and buy a siwa briefcase or something. Let me know what you get and I am a big fan of your blog.