Thursday, September 18, 2008

Me LVoe Launceston ^ ^

Hi everyone! I am back ^^. The trip was awesome but really tried. During the trip, I had some times to walk around the places and took some pics to share with you guys!

On the way to Launceston:

Yeah, we reached Launceston! There were lots of nice historic buildings:

Albert Hall (Convention centre):

We then had sometimes to walk along the Tasmar river:

This is mine.....NOT...hehe...(pardon me for my daydream):

After the long day, it is time for snack! We ended up having our yummy dessert at one of the foodhalls in the city and I must say Launceston got a nice blueberry pancake toping with ice cream ever! yummy yummy...>_<:

We then explored more. We went to the Academy of the Arts, it is REAL nice!:

Although, there were no Louis Vuitton botique but we had fun overthere ^^ Hope you guys enjoy the pics. Now I need to do some updates of what I missed in the world of Louis Vuitton..LOL...LVoe you all :)

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