Wednesday, September 24, 2008

LVoe to LVaddicted- LVoe from Tony

I just got a message from Tony, who is a big fan of my blog and have the same taste as me! ^^. Here is what he wrote:

Message from Tony:

Hi there,You and I have the exact same taste. I am having the same dilemma as you and want those two exact items. My problem, besides trying to figure out whether to save money for bags is that I don't know how often I would wear either item. I mean, obviously I would love to wear them both all the time but its one of those things where, I know that I will hardly wear either so maybe I should just save my money and buy a siwa briefcase or something. Let me know what you get and I am a big fan of your blog.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I am glad that you are a big fan of my blog ^^ I hope you and all of my LVoely readers will continue to enjoy this blog. Let's get addicted!

Tony, I totally agree with you that it is not worth to buy something that is nice but after purchased, it will end up in the drawer. For me, I wear tie to my work and i LVoe wearing necklace. So I can see myself wearing them alot ;) (yepp..I have alot of excuses ^^)

I would definately support you to purchase Siwa briefcase. It is something that you LVoe and you can use them often. I have seen this during my last trip to the botique and I Lvoe it! I decided not to get it though coz my attention was to Damier Graphite. :P We will look forward to see your Siwa pics once you purchased^^

About what I am getting, I will reveal those soon..hehe..

Thank you Tony! Visit my blog often.

To all of my LVoe readers, suggestions and enquiries are very welcomed. I hope I could hear more from you guys. Feel free to write me at:

Hope to add your suggestions or any questions to my new section, "" again soon^^ ....hope you like the name LVoe!

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