Saturday, September 20, 2008

What is new?!?- Monogram Miroir Agendas!

Louis Vuitton has recently released many new agendas and one that need to be mentioned is "Monogram Miroir Agendas", both gold and silver. Yes, it is the first time Louis Vuitton has made Agendas in Miroir! They come in one size which is small (4.1"x5.7").

Product code: R20962 (gold) and R20963 (silver)

I must say I am in LVoe with the new agendas (especially, Patche décor on Damier Ebony and Azur) but I guess I should strict to my LVoe Partenaire Agenda^^ While I am enjoying my LVoe Agenda, you can call up your local store now ^^

Source and images: Louis Vuitton

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