Friday, September 19, 2008

OH MY....What Is This?!?

A week ago, there was a celebreation event for the launch of Damier Graphite in Soho Louis Vuitton store. The function also holded a temporary casino within the store for the guests to enjoy gambling and win prices (yes, LV goodies. I wonder what would it be?).

What is more interesting to me is this Croc bag! To be honest, I have never seen this before and has no information about it. If anyone knows or has info about this, please share with me. I would love to know more! I just LVoe it! Price: US$3,600 (as stated on ). Regarding to the price as my LVoely readers mentioned in the comments, I must agree with them that it is no way to be US$3,600. The Neverfull Alligator MM is approx $32,000 and the GM is approx $40,000 which doesn't sound right if this eye candy "Croc" is only $3,600!

Update!: According to Deluxeduck, the true LVoe collector^^, has dropped me a comment that this croc bag is from Men's F/W 2007 collection. It is a Mini Grimaud in "crocodile miel degrade".
Visit his blog at deluxeduck
Thanks Mr. DD!


fashionphile said...

Addicted, I saw this blog & bag as well, and although I don't know the name- I'm sure the price on myfashionlife was either a typo or a guess. For a LV croc bag of that size, $36,000 sounds more likely than $3,600. It is gorgeous, though- isn't it! Sarah

SE@N said...

I don't think the price is USD 3,600 for the croc bag. ;)

Louis Vuitton Addicted said...

Hi Se@n and fashionphile, Thanks for the message ^^

I also was very surprise to see that LV Croc bag is $3,600! Neverfull Croc bags are like $32k up. I must agree with you guys that the price should be like $36k or even more.

It is definately a gorgeous bag! yummy! ^^

Thanks for your visit! Come often!

Anonymous said...

this is the Mini Grimaud in "crocodile miel degrade" from the Men's F/W 2007 collection.

Louis Vuitton Addicted said...

Thanks Deluxeduck :)