Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Update!: Sofia Coppola X Louis Vuitton

According to the IHT, Sofia Coppola collaboration work with Louis Vuitton is about to launch at the end of December in Japan before they go on sale next spring! The question is what bags are we expecting from her? The bag that we should be expecting from her collaboration work would be one from the pic but in Monogram Canvas and it is called "SC" bag with a price tag of €1,600 (approx. AUD 3100). Another piece is the evening clutch with its pochette containing a mirror, price: €800 (approx. AUD 1550).

I am really excited to see these pieces! LVoe Sofia LVoe LV!^^

Imaegs: IHT

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bluegals said...

SC bag looks so chic. I wish they could make in damier azur.