Thursday, June 19, 2008

OMG! Damier Graphite!!

Graphite from TPF has shared some spy shots from the lookbook on Damier Graphite Line. Thanks to our spy, Graphite! You are the best!!

Oh I am in Love with this!!

and yes...this...definately a MUST have item!

and this.....
This looks like the Sac De Voyage to you guys think so?

I personally like this over keepall 55
Keepall 55

Pegase 60

Small leather goods
I am so excited about this and hope it will come out sooon!! I am so dying for it and every piece of this line are just great. Graphite also has mentioned that there will be a Damier Graphite sneakers as well!! is gonna be another MUST have item for me!!

What about you guys? Like it or no feeling for it?


Steph said...

I like it!!! I love your site! I'm a louis vuitton fan myself!

Louis Vuitton Addicted said...

Hi Steph! Thank you for your visit! Come often! :)
Have a great day!