Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crime of Fashion

May 15, 2008 -- A manager at a Marc Jacobs store in the West Village was busted for stealing $62,000 from the boutique, and admits he had "been doing it for a while," authorities said yesterday. - New York Post reported

Kyle Avila, 24, worked at the chic Marc by Marc Accessories store as a manager at 385 Bleecker St. for the past 11/2 years. The Kansas native, who also appeared nude for a Marc Jacobs tee, was busted for stealing $62,000 from the store.

Co-manager Mike Okerson was the one who noticed the missing dough while doing routine receipt reviews. Okerson had given Avila a chance to return the money, but Avila failed to show up with the money, so his colleague called the cops. He is now charged with grand larceny and remains in jail after failing to post $2000 cash bail set by the judge.

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