Saturday, May 17, 2008

Louis Vuitton with Bloggers for a Breakfast!

Louis Vuitton invited about 15 fashion bloggers including Bag Snob, Fab Sugar, Fashion Indie, Fashion Tribes, Get Kempt, Haute Concept, Nitrolicious to a breakfast last Thursday with Louis Vuitton’s CEO of North America, Daniel Lalonde and Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communication, Heather Vandenberghe, along with the LV team.

You may just wonder "why?". Louis Vuitton invited the bloggers to discuss about blogging community as they have noticed the importance of blogs and the rapid "growing" of blogs. Louis Vuitton has touched on with many topics with the bloggers including information about the history of the brand and product developments. On the top of that, Louis Vuitton also asked the bloggers "How do we work with you?".

Interestingly, during the discussion Louis Vuitton has revealed that there is a Louis Vuitton Bible filled with over 150 years of history for the iconic brand, which we hope they will think to put in print one day. Moreover, They did mention about the Journeys ad campaign and partially revealed that the next Journeys ad campaign will feature a couple. Umm who might they be?!

I personally think Louis Vuitton did take a really wise step in contactign with the independent bloggers! Louis Vuitton is surely up to something! We jsut need to wait for the surprise!

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