Thursday, May 22, 2008

Marc Jacobs up for an interview!

Marc recently visited Central Saint Martins school in London for the interview and here is what he said during an interview:

On designing his first ready-to-wear collection as the newly appointed creative director of Louis Vuitton in 1997:
“This Vuitton thing was scary … Suddenly you’re on the Paris stage, with this huge name. I felt so paralyzed by it. That first collection was a no-win situation. I thought, if I give them what they expect, they’ll be disappointed because they wanted to be surprised. If I give them a surprise, they’ll be disappointed because it wasn’t what they were expecting.”

On the difficulties of getting his spring 2001 Stephen Sprouse monogram collection for Louis Vuitton produced:

"I don't understand corporate people — I always say the design team's on the second floor and the corporate people are on the fifth floor, and it might as well be the distance between here and Mars … The press reaction to all that graffiti was so amazing … [but] they bitched and moaned, [saying] 'we're not going to do it'. I just couldn't believe it … at the time, that's how narrow-minded they were … [but] $300 million later, they think it's a good idea!"

On hiring Tom Ford to design denim for Perry Ellis when Jacobs headed the label:

"Tom was a different person then … Tom was this very, very sort of haughty, tasteful person, very Waspy … or that's what he was affecting at that moment. I thought it would be great to do a jean line with someone who has a very sophisticated mind."

On what fashion really is all about:

"When I trust my own whims, and the whims of people I trust, I feel that has credibility … Belief is embedded in everything you do — so it doesn't actually matter whether people like it. I guess what we do, as a team, is a daily, weekly, monthly re-evaluation of whims."

The quote that will make you say "word":

"I can't bear it when designers go on about inspiration … If a girl wants to wear it and feels good then who cares?"
We love you Marc!

Source: WWD

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