Thursday, May 1, 2008

Follow the Rules: VÁRONIQUE NICHANIAN ~ Menswear Hermes Designer~

This is not about a Hermes bag but fashion tips given by menswear Hermes designer, Varonique Nichanian. I found it is very interesting. It does make sense but some of them we just never think of it. Here is some of the tips:

1. The right proportion and fit are a matter of centimeters—millimeters, really. When you choose clothes that are perfect for you, you feel strong, comfortable, and more self-confident.

2. Style is a question of charm, not nationality. It’s not true that French men have more allure or style than American men. It’s just that they dress with more personality. They don’t follow dress codes, and sometimes they mix things in a way they shouldn’t. Like how Serge Gainsbourg dressed, with his reptile shoes with jeans and blazer and white shirt—that’s charm.

6. You should have one watch for the weekend, one for the week, one for suits, one for sport. I love watches. Watches are for men what perfume is for women. They are very personal, and you can wear them according to your mood.

Source: Hermès, Men.Style and Hypebeast

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